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Granite Juicy Nipple Valve Cap with Valve Core Remover

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JUICY NIPPLE takes the stress out of tubeless setup and repairs.

It lives on your Presta valve in place of your boring, regular valve cap until you need it the most. It doubles as a valve core remover, making it easy to remove or install valve cores and top-up tire sealants.

  • Easy to use, always-ready valve core remover that doubles as a dust cap for Presta valves.
  • No more hassle inflating tires or topping up sealant on your tubeless MTB.
  • Precision engineered with 6061 alloy for high strength and low weight.
  • Juicy Nipple Valve Cap keeps your tire valve core protected from mud, dirt, and rainwater covers your valves to prevent damage to the Presta valve core.
  • 8 Colours: Ensured to match your ride!