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Blacklist Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

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Blacklist Semi-Metallic Brake Pads


Our semi-metallic brake pads offer excellent performance on all types of terrain and conditions. The Blacklist semi-metallic blend consists of a metallic powder and other proprietary compounds that agglutinate and lubricate the formula. This ensures excellent grip, comfort, and safety in severe braking conditions while protecting the rotor against premature wear. The blend is very effective in fighting brake fade under heavy braking conditions; where other compounds struggle. Blacklist Semi-Metallic brake pads require bedding-in before maximum performance is achieved. This may take up to 20-30KM (12-18mi). On your first rides after the initial bedding, use your brakes gently trying to avoid locking the wheels in order to prevent uneven brake material deposits. The installation and inspection should be made by a qualified bicycle technician. Click here to view the disc brake bed-in procedure. For information on becoming a dealer, please call or visit Blacklist Distribution.

BL001 Altus, Acera, Alivio, FD293, Tektro Shimano M416/445/446/485/486/515/525/575/C601 Tektro Orion Series / Gemini Series / Auriga Series (not Sub) / Draco Series / Aquila / HDC 300 & 330 / Aries / Mira & More (Check Your Brake Manuafcuturers Information)
BL002 SLX, XT, Deore XT, FD452 Shimano – XTR (-2018), XT (2014-), Deore CX75/315/515/785,/RS785/615/785/785 SLX 666/675/7000/8000/8100 XTR 9000/9020, BR-M985, BR-M987, BR-M988, Alfine BR-S700 (Check Your Brake Manuafcuturers Information)
BL003 Guide FD459 X0 Trail, Elxir 7/9 Trail (Check Your Brake Manuafcuturers Information)
BL004 Code, Avid FD455 Avid Code R 2011+ SRAM Code R, RSC, Guide RE (Check Your Brake Manuafcuturers Information)
BL005 Shimano Saint, Zee, XTR, XT 4 Piston, TRP, FD426 Shimano Saint, Zee, XT 7120/8020/8120 XTR 9120/501/520  TEKTRO – 725/735/74/750 TRP – Quadiem, DH-R , SL, Slate T4 (Check Your Brake Manuafcuturers Information)