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Through the pandemic, all non-bike related things aside, we grew tired of struggling to find what our riders needed. We decided to take it in to our own hands.

When we say, in to our own hands, we mean it. We are making our own high quality parts with reputable brand partners that we trust. We ride what we make. For us it is all about high performance at an affordable price. Not only are the brands in the retail store products we ride, but we have to be sure what we make is good enough to meet those same standards.

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Blacklist Disc Brake Pads - Semi-Metallic

Blacklist Semi-Metallic pads are built for high performance. Our unique formulation balances the ability to be run on a Downhill Run, on an Aggressive Trail Ride, or even XC without excessive noise, but retains the ability to dissipate heat.

As a value priced high-performance disc brake pad, we offer the unique ability to be run on lower spec "resin" only rotors with lower wear rates to the rotor than comparable pads; all while working even better on rotors designed with metallic pads in mind.


Brake Bed In Procedure


Proper bedding of any brake pad is critical to the performance of your brakes.

In an ideal world, you should be starting with a fresh rotor and fresh pads, but that is not always the case.

Before you install your fresh pads, remove the old and make sure your rotor is clean! Isopropyl Alcohol works wonders.

Install your pads according to the manufacturers directions.

  1. Pedal the bike to roughly 15-17kph (About 10mph)
  2. Gently pull ONE brake lever slowly decreasing your speed to roughly 8-10kph (About 5mph)
  3. Pedal back up to 15-17kmh (About 10mph)
  4. Repeat about 20 times.
  5. Curse at how annoying it is.
  6. Repeat the process on the other brake.
  7. WHOAAAAAAA! Your brakes should be stopping fairly well, but wait you aren't quite there yet.
  8. Enjoy a beverage of your choice.
  9. To reach maximum braking power, our brake pads take up to 30km (18mi) of bedding.
  10. Over the next few miles try to brake gently and avoid locking your brakes. They'll just keep getting better!
  11. Keep riding and keep stopping!